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I have an idea for a game, but I'm no programmer or anything like that. So i need to create a portfolio with all the ideas of the game in it. I know I'll need the name, what its about, control scheme, characters and all of that. But what else would I need to put into this portfolio to make it complete?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Original post by JoeCooper
You're talking about a "game design doc". ... Sloper here writes all about it and everything else you can think of.

Including a discussion of game design portfolios (FAQ 12).
See the 2 articles on writing game designs (FAQs 2 and 13), and the article on the job of game designer (FAQ 14), applying for the job (FAQ 4), what to study (FAQ 3), stupid wannabe tricks (FAQ 24), and barrier-busting tips (FAQ 27).
And yes, there are plenty of other articles too.

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