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3d Movement with Origin and Vector (Angles)

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I'm not a super math type, but I'm still interested in learning. I've been working on this game that I've been developing in blender, but I need some help on my php server end.

Basically, the server needs to calculate the next given location of a player.

My input is:
x,y,z and roll/pitch/yaw along with the distance travelled.

This is what I have so far, but I realised it's totally wrong. Was wondering if someone could help me out?

$this->current_x = $this->current_x + $distance * cos(deg2rad($a)) * sin(deg2rad($z));
$this->current_y = $this->current_y + $distance * sin(deg2rad($a)) * sin(deg2rad($z));
$this->current_z = $this->current_z + $distance * cos(deg2rad($z));

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Ok, so i found an example on some obscure forum. My final code ended up being:

$a = $this->current_yaw;
$z = -$this->current_pitch;

// orig
$this->current_x += $distance * cos(deg2rad($a)) * cos(deg2rad($z));
$this->current_y += $distance * sin(deg2rad($a)) * cos(deg2rad($z));
$this->current_z += $distance * sin(deg2rad($z));

Thought i'd share that with you all!

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