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why should i learn opengl 3.x when i can learn 2.x?

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just need some advice from people that have used both the old opengl 2.1 and the new opengl 3.x. i read that opengl 2.1 requires less code to get things done compared to opengl 3.x, any truth to that?? complexity is the thing that probably bothers me the most, but then again programming is. anyway im reading a book on ogl 3.3 atm and i have not gotten to the code yet, i need to make sure 3.3 will award me with something or i'll go for dx! idk...

not sure which one to start with but i know my gfx card can handle opengl 3.3, though alot of people i know have old gfx cards that at most support 2.x!

is it true that Direct3D 10 Radeon HD cards also support opengl 3.3? i read this from the link provided by Gage64.

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Most of the things that were removed in OpenGL 3.0+ were the slow bits. So learning 3.x instead of 2.x will probably mean your app runs faster. AFAIK, the changes actually bring it more in line with what DirectX has been doing for a while: focus on VBOs and shaders instead of immediate mode stuff.

So basically you should learn 3.x because it's the more optimized way to render graphics.

You can check the steam hardware stats for typical gamer hardware and software installs:


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waw nice chart! never knew this existed, shows that steam is doing more under the covers. looks like dx10 & win7 owners are dominating with 56%. i would definitely expect ogl3 to perform better than ogl2.


Original post by Gage64
This looks like a very good tutorial on OpenGL 3, you might want to check it out.

hey thanks for the link i will use it once i have decided.

more answers are welcome

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