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Calling Win32 function like commands in Java using Mac OSX?

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ajm113    355
Hello I'm a Java and Mac OSX newbie and I'v had plenty of experience working with Win32 with C++ on Visual Studio 2008 (Those where such happy times). For right now I'm stuck with my MacBook and I tried working with g++ and tried installing GTK+ with it, but g++ can't find it and I have no idea how to install APIs for g++ on a Mac, so I decided to try something new and use Java for a change(Something nice to put on a resume).

Right now I want to figure out how to get the same flexibility I had using Win32 using Java on a Mac book such as functions like "RegisterHotkey" and "GetActiveWindow". I tried Googling some examples of global hotkey registration, but all of them are for active window frames/windows YOU programmed in Java. So it doesn't help at all and the librarys people suggest for the global hotkeys aren't for Mac OSX. It's like the developers of the Mac OSX didn't want programmers to change or affect things that isn't theirs, but thats just how I feel at this moment I'm sure their is some work around here using Java on Mac OSX. Can someone recommend a tutorial/article on window manipulation that isn't yours? Like for example: Resize/move the window of a active Chrome/Fire Fox window using Java.

Thanks, Andrew

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xibo    110
The thing you want to do it highly plattform dependend and there's no way java will support it. Think about security considerations alone being implied by modifying elements of other programs...

Maybe you find something about that in apple's official cocoa documentation:

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