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Hi all, Im Sabs
Im new here at the forums, so HI!
I am trying to do a program with a friend where we are trying to fit my friends dress designs to peoples sizes over the internet, a desiners online dress shop.

I am using Flash to make a simple program to input measurements on a static body image, Eg leg legnth = 34" arm legnth = 22" and so on. What our ultimate goal is to do is make a changing body shape to represent the users body size where the parts of the body shrink or grow to the proper size to give my desiner a accurate idea of what kind of person she is making the dress for.

So Far im stuck, I haven't got alot of coding experience, that peice i am working on, Im looking into the Game world to get some inspiration because so far im stuck! The tools I have are Adobe Flash CS4, and the Autodesk Maya kit.

any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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