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'glLoadTransposeMatrixf': identifier not found

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I'm trying to pass a matrix to opengl in row-major order, and flicking through the red book shows that I should be able to use this function (glLoadTransposeMatrixf) to do so.

I've downloaded glext.h and put it with my two other header files (gl.h and glu.h) but it doesn't work.

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and have pointed my include directory explicitly to that directory (c:\program files x86\microsoft sdk's\windows\v7.0a\include) and it gets rid of the red squiggly error underline in the code window but when I compile, I get an identifier not found error.

I've opened up glext.h and that function is definitely declared in that header file. I can't fathom whats wrong.

Please help! - I'm doing a workaround at the moment which is to transpose by hand, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this, any help would be much appreciated.

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