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[PyODE] Rotation of the box always corresponds motion direction

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Hello. Im using PyODE to do 2D physics in my game. I'm just learning to use ODE at the moment, so I've got one problem I can't solve. How to make the rotation of the box body to be always corresponding to the direction of it? For example take a look at this picture:
When blaster shot reach the lightsaber, it's obvious that it's rotation around it's axis will be corresponding to the direction (after reflection/bounce). Where should I make changes? Apply any methods to ode.Body or ode.GeomBox? Or some changes in collision handling?

contacts = ode.collide(self.odeGeom1, self.odeGeom2)
for contact in contacts:
j = ode.ContactJoint(self.odeWorld, self.odeContactGroup,contact=contact)
j.attach(self.odeGeom1.getBody(), self.odeGeom2.getBody())

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