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D3D7 app exits without error when I try to set the viewport...

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Hi, I''m trying to write a baisc D3D7 app, all it does right now is initialize a blank frame. The problkem is that the program loads, creates a window, and then closes down without an error. I used an infinite loop ( while(1) ) to debug the app and have located the point of exit. It seems that the statemendt "D3DDevice7->SetViewport ( &VP );" is what is exiting the code. D3DDevice7 is my LPDIRECT3DDEVICE7 object and VP is an object of D3DVIEWPORT7. I''ve initialized VP with the statment "D3DVIEWPORT7 VP = { 0, 0, 800, 600, 0.0f, 1.0f };" and I''ve created the D3D device looks like this "D3D7->CreateDevice ( IID_IDirect3DHALDevice, Backbuffer, &D3DDevice7 );". I can''t figure out why the program would just shut down like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Daedalus

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