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RGB in Pixel Shader - modding

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Hi! This is my first post in the forums. I admit I'm not into programming. The information I ask for is for modding purposes. I would appreciate if anyone could help me out.

I have 4 files that control the sky and fog looks. I'd like to be able to change their colors. Some modders have tried and the colors did change but no one is able to tell what is the actual logic behind the changes. It were all blind shots.


to be downloaded here

Those 'blind shots' I mentioned were involving modifications to the following bits of the files:

mul r1.y,r1.x,c17.x ;r1.y=luminance


dp3 r0.x,r1,c10
dp3 r0.y,r1,c11
dp3 r0.z,r1,c12

Below is my 'investigation' on what these settings do but I haven't came up with anything yet.

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