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DDraw Emulation Lock Fails

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How can I get a pointer to the surface memory of the primary surface?

When DirectDraw2 is Initialized with the DDCREATE_EMULATIONONLY flag,
the primary surface won't lock. (though all the other surfaces do lock)
DDSURFACEDESC ddsd = { 0 };
ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(ddsd);
hResult = pddsPrimary->Lock(NULL, &ddsd, DDLOCK_WAIT, NULL);
HRESULT: 0x887601b3
Description: Access to this surface is being refused because no driver exists
which can supply a pointer to the surface. This is most likely to happen when
attempting to lock the primary surface when no DCI provider is present.
also happen on attempts to lock an optimized surface.
DCI == "Display Control Interface"

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