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A beginner advice - Needed

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Dear Fellas,

I am a developer having around 4 yrs experience in Java/C/C++ and planning to shift my domain to gaming. I hold an engineering bachelors degree in CS. I am very much interested in game developement. But I feel; Since I almost worked on different domain it will be difficult to enter the industry and so i want to equip myself with the right skills. I reffered the For Beginners section to see what all books i can use to make me feel more comfortable with game coding. Just wanted to confirm whether those books still hold good? Or there are other ones, better , improved out there which would be more useful?

Planning to get books in areas Mathematics/Physics, Game architecture and design, Working with Directx apis and roleplay game development. If you have other good/new books/areas to recommend for a beginner please do so.

Thanks and Regards

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Game Coding Complete 3rd edition
Game Engine Architecture

OpenGL/DirectX books?
Red Book - opengl, forgot official name
Orange Book - glsl, forgot official name

Frank Luna shader based approach books for dx

C++0x reference in wikipedia
STL videos by staphan in visual studio blog

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