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OpenGL DirectX Performance Measurement

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I want to measure out, how fast my code is at a spezific part of the program. I use GetTickCount like that:

ULONGLONG tick1 = GetTickCount64();

[ Graphics code, GPU etc. ]

ULONGLONG Tick2 = GetTickCount64();

std::cout << "Ticks: " << Tick2 - Tick1 << std::endl;

Not a big deal. In OpenGL, i need the command "glFinish()" to make sure, all work which is in the GPU pipeline ist done (before measurement).

Now the question:
> What is the aequivalent to glFinish (OpenGL) in DirectX? <

Thank you

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There are a few options in D3D. For example if you wrap the code to test in an occlusion query and then read the result of that query it will force the CPU to wait for that GPU work to complete.

However that won't always be a very accurate measure of overall performance as GPUs can do multiple tasks in parallel. I'd normally suggest measuring frame time (in milliseconds per frame). Alternatively try using a tool like PerfHud or PIX.

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