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[C#] Moving an object around based on impulses and mouse movement.

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I cast a ray out into 3D space and come back with the earliest hit time, the location of the hit and the first object hit by the ray.

I now create a spring between the entity and the hit location:

public void Setup(Entity e, Vector3 grabLocation)
Entity = e;

localOffset = grabLocation - e.InternalCenterOfMass; //Vector3.Zero;
GoalPosition = grabLocation;

The corrective impulses are applied to the object each update and it moves towards the GoalPosition end of the spring:

Vector3 grabbedLocation = localOffset + Entity.InternalCenterOfMass;
Vector3 positionError = GoalPosition - grabbedLocation;

// Apply the force
Entity.ApplyImpulse(grabbedLocation, positionError * CorrectionStrength * dt * Entity.Mass);


The problem is that I don't want to move the object towards the goal (current location of the mouse) when selected but only when the mouse moves.

How can I factor in the mouse offset so that the GoalPosition will be based on mouse movement from point of selection?

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