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Reusable Mesh in DX10

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class Mesh : public INode
ID3D10Device* m_pD3DDevice;

ID3D10Buffer* m_pVertexBuffer;
ID3D10Buffer* m_pIndexBuffer;

D3D10_TECHNIQUE_DESC m_techDesc;

//input layout and mesh
ID3D10InputLayout* m_pVertexLayout;

//effects and techniques
ID3D10Effect* m_pBasicEffect;
ID3D10EffectTechnique* m_pBasicTechnique;

//Shader Resource View Variable
ID3D10ShaderResourceView* m_pTextureSRV;

//effect variable pointers
ID3D10EffectShaderResourceVariable* m_pTexutreEffectSRV;

//Vertex and Index Buffer
std::vector<sCustomVertex> m_Vertices;
std::vector<unsigned int> m_Indices;

//Vertex and Index Count
int m_iVertexCount;
int m_iIndexCount;

//Shader Path
WCHAR* m_pShaderPath;

//Texture Path
WCHAR* m_pTexturePath;
char* m_TechniqueName;

ThreadBufferManager* m_pThreadBufferManager;

//Object Culling
bool m_bIsCulled;

ID3D10EffectMatrixVariable* m_pWorldViewProjectionMatrixEffectVariable;
ID3D10EffectMatrixVariable* m_fxWorldVariable;
ID3D10EffectMatrixVariable* m_fxLightRotation;
ID3D10EffectVariable* m_fxEyePosVar;
ID3D10EffectVariable* m_fxLightVar;
ID3D10EffectScalarVariable* m_fxLightType;

ID3D10Device* GetMeshDevice() { return m_pD3DDevice; }
void SetMeshDevice(ID3D10Device* device) { m_pD3DDevice = device; }
void SetShaderPath(WCHAR *pFilename) { m_pShaderPath = pFilename; }
void SetTexturePath(WCHAR *pFilename) { m_pTexturePath = pFilename; }
void SetTechnique(char* technique) { m_TechniqueName = technique; }
void SetCulling(bool bCull) { m_bIsCulled = bCull; }

virtual void CreateVertexIndexBuffer();
virtual void CreatePhysxShape();
virtual bool Initialize();
virtual void Update(float dt);
virtual bool Render(int a_iExecID);
virtual bool LoadShadersAndCreateInputLayouts();
virtual bool SetTextureForShaders(unsigned int uiIndex);

This is my Mesh Class. The following classes will inherit this class

* MeshCube
* MeshGrid
* MeshCylinder
* MeshSphere

In the Create function(virtual function) i procedurally create shapes. For me, if i instance 100 cubes, 100 spheres, 100 grids, it goes into Create function 100 times and create the vertices and indices 100 times. what should i do if i want to create the Vertices and Indices only once for every object. One way which i thought is to take the variable 'm_Vertices' and 'm_Indices' to every other class and make them static, so it declares only once...

Kindly suggest me if there is any other better method. A better method could really lower my loading time.

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It would be far clever to split the mesh instance from the mesh geometry.

The mesh instance keep the world matrix, the visibility status, a reference to the geometry and things that really belong to the instance, and the geometry keep the vertices, the material and things that are common to every instance!

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