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Dialogue/Sound Editor breaking In

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Hi All,

I've been reading posts and FAQs but can't seemed to find an answers to this:

I've been working in film and television as a dialogue editor/sound editor for over 13 years. I'm looking to lend my skills to the video game industry. There doesn't seem to be much mention of dialogue editing in video games, yet I assume it exist.

Is this something that falls under the sound designer's umbrella of skills or is it the responsibility of the recording studio?

I'm available, looking to break in, just not sure where to start looking.

Any info would be appreciated.


Bob ...

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Yes, there are quite a few kinds of sound people. Games need audio samples recorded and edited. They need music composed. They need people to work with voice actors, get it recorded, sweeten it, and get it ready for the game.

But the jobs are not frequently available.

A studio may have only one or two of them supporting multiple projects, maybe at a 1:50 or even 1:100 ratio with other game development roles. There is relatively little turnover, combine it with the slow rate of expansion and finding a job may be difficult.

Keep networking, find contacts in the industry and ask around. Contact the studios directly, and consider non-traditional job-hunting routes. You are unlikely to see the job on a Help Wanted board. It may take a while to find a company to hire you, but the work is certainly out there.

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That's exactly what I'd like to do: I'm still freelancing in film and TV, just looking to diversify. I guess I need to do some networking.

Thanks for the info.

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