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Potential Video Game Characters

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first forum.
I have designed a series of bird-themed characters that I would love to see in a video game.

The name of my main character is Blackbird McCaw. Born in the place called Greater Heron, he is from a race of bird-like aliens from a planet I call Avian. He has a knack for tools and machinery. Throughout his adventures eventually runs into what would be one of his teammates; a well known bounty hunter named Laura Kingfisher. She is a serious, quick-witted girl residing in Los Arius on the planet Avian. His last teammate is hulky, ex-commando of avian's military. His name is Tank Hummerman.

The style of gaming I would like to see them in is a, "Jak and Daxter-like", platformer game. They would all have weapons that would double function as firearms and melee weapons. In addition, each character specializes in certain weaponary and abilities that are effective against certain types of enemies and level designs. However, any of the characters could progress through each level so you are not limited in which character to use.

Each characters weapon would be up-gradable. Appearance upgrades give you different weapons and change the appearance of your double-function weapon while in gun-mode, while performance upgrades enhance the stats of the current weapon used. There are also upgrades for the melee function of the weapons which give you different attacks and combos for each character.

As previously stated, each character specializes in different weapons and abilities.
Blackbird: mid-range weaponry, the balanced-character.
Luara: short-range, rapid fire, light damage weaponry. the fast, high jumping character with longer combos. More ammo.
Tank: heavy-artilary, slow-firing, heavy damamge weaponry. the slower, more powerful character. Less ammo.

Together, these 3 fight evil forces like my main villian Tenchu. For drawings of these characters and other visit this YOU TUBE link:

The title is KYLE B. PARKERS ART II.

Please feel free to comment. If anyone is looking for a gaming idea, I think this could be a good one.

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Title: (...)
Gameplay Genre: Run and shoot, platformer, action adventure
Play structure: (Single player)
style: Bird-themed humanoid, Jak and Daxter

Action Type:
o Use guns to shoot at enemies
o Use guns as melee weapons
o Melee combos

o Main Protagonist: Blackbird McCaw (Engineer)
o Female Sidekick: Laura Kingfisher (Bounty Hunter)
o Male Sidekick: Tank Hummerman (Ex-military)

o Upgradable weapons

o [Planet] Avian
o [Region] Greater Heron
o [City] Los Arius

Political Background:
o (Interplanetary military conflict)

Technology Level:
o Guns with ammo
o (Interplanetary flight)

1) What is the adventure?
a) To get something from location A to location B
b) To destory something
c) To save something
d) To find something
e) To hide something
f) Other..

2) How do the characters get involved in the adventure?
a) Accident
b) Conspiracy
c) Assignment
d) Money
e) Personal tie
f) Other...

3) What does the adventure mean to the main characters?
a) Duty
b) Destiny
c) Opportunity
d) Chore
e) Challenge
f) Other...

I think the next thing to do about the character drawings is to add shades.
Although that might not be a priority.

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Thanks for the input. I'll definitely get to work on these ideas. I can tell you that the title of the first game is going to be, " Blackbird and the Feathers of Greater Heron".

Other main characters:
Techu (villan)
Great Horn Owlsworth (political figurehead of Greater Heron.)Mostly dialogue character for cutscenes.

P.S: Did you see the designs for the characters? What did you think?

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I saw the design and I think your set is pretty coherent.
If Techu and Great Horn Owlsworth are in this game,
then your video only has maybe two that aren't (The wolf and the woman).

Is Techu a person in a bird suit?

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Lol. Sorry, I should have mentioned; the wolf character is Mr. Wuff. He's the mascot for NC State; the college I went to. The girl was just a made up character. Neither of them have ties to the game. It's just the bird looking characters. Tenchu is the guy in the bird suit. I'm still trying to figure out how to explain that.

So I looked in to some of those questions you asked and I came up with somethings that might answer them:

Blackbird and the Power of Flight

The Mystic Feathers of Avian: Individually, the 12 crystal feathers are capable of great power. Once together, they release, “The Power of Flight”. This perpetual energy source has brought great prosperity to the planet of Avian. Each feather is entrusted to 9 major regions of avian to ensure equal distribution of energy across the planet. 3 of the feathers are entrusted to guardians chosen by the feathers themselves. Their feathers stay dormant until the feather’s power is need to bring about peace. ( Become the weapons you fight with in the game.... i think.)

Present Day:
All is well on the planet of Avian until an evil shadow spirit named Tenchu descends on the planet with the intention of harnessing the Power of Flight. With this energy he can release his true power and conquer the galaxy. As one of the chosen guardians, it becomes Blackbird’s responsibility to find the other guardians and save the galaxy by retrieving the Mystic Feather’s of Avian and using the Power of Flight to defeat Tenchu.
P.S: I change the title.

I'm still trying to figure one of two scenarios when you actually play the game:
1.) Tenchu has 9, the planet is in ruin, and you have to get the nine feathers that are guarded by tenchu's forces in each of the nine regions.

2.) Get the feathers before tenchu, and when you come to each feather you have to defeat a boss that tenchu releases on you.
I think the first is better, but I'm not sure.

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I think it may depend on how early the player meet all three of the characters.
Here are some situations that a player might expect from your story:

a) How Tenchu got the first feather
b) Tenchu takes feather before the player before the player knows the significance
c) Player knows the location of a feather and Tenchu doesn't
d) Both Tenchu and the player are finding a feather
e) Tenchu takes a feather from the player's team
f) Player's team takes a feather from Tenchu
g) A feather is destoryed
h) A feather is created
i) Player fails to get save a feather from Tenchu
j) Other...

I think in terms of this game, it might be better if you choose the beginning not by looking at the beginning alone, but the overall plot. I don't know what your idea for the plot is, this is just an example (considering no more than 10 one-liner plot points):

Option 1: Tenchu has 9, the planet is in ruin
0.1 - Blackbird encounters Tenchu and loses his feather
0.2 - To save the world, Blackbird earns the trust of a region and gets a replacement feather and his team
0.3 - The main adventure begins, where the team tries to get each of the nine feathers
0.5 - Tenchu has 6 feathers, the team also has 6. Blackbird still misses his.
0.7 - Tenchu has 1 feather, the team has 11
0.8 - Tenchu has 12 feathers
0.9 - Tenchu is defeated.
1.0 - Happy ending

Option 2: Get the feathers before tenchu
0.1 - A feather is stolen, Blackbird is assinged to investigate
0.2 - Blackbird finds that the villain is Tenchu and gets a team
0.3 - Main adventure begins, team races against Tenchu to secure the feathers
0.5 - Tenchu has 4 feathers, the team has 6.
0.7 - Tenchu has 8 feathers, team has 4.
0.8 - Tenchu has 11, team has 1
0.9 - Tenchu is defeated
1.0 - Happy ending

One thing to think about these options, is that the plot should intensify as the story progress. Since power is related to feathers, a logical conclusion is that both Tenchu and the player team should be upgrading along the plot. Between these two plots, I like the beginning of Option 1 where Blackbird loses his own feather, because it makes he situation personal. There are many choices and I want to know how you envisioned the plot.

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Well, interms of meeting the other characters, the player would meet them as they progress through the game. The player would start with one feather; the one that belongs to blackbird. Without the feather you cant prgress through the game. It's the weapon you use to fight with. Then you find Laura who has the second, and Tank who has the third. Then together, you gather the rest.

I don't want the guardians know anything about the feathers until they are attacked by Tenchu's forces. I'm still trying to figure out how to explain that.

I.) The inhabitants of Avian know that the feathers power the planet, but don't know about the Power of Flight, except for the political figureheads( like owlsworth)of the nine regions and the local security employed to protect the feathers. Kinda like the secrets that politicians keep from the world. Basically the general public knows of the 9. The guardians eventually learn that there are 12 and that their trinkets are actually 3 of the feathers.

This is the story for each team member in a nutshell
i.) Go about normal everyday lives.
ii.) Tenchu's forces attack in an attempt to steal their feather.
iii.) Feather becomes active.
iv.) Tenchu minion, boss, watever, is defeated.
v.) Blackbird explains the back story.
Since blackbird is the first person this happens too, someone has to explain it to him. I'm thinking maybe owlsworth. That's where the quest would begin.

I'll work on the 10 pt. plot. I have some ideas.

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Ok, here's my 10 pt. plot:

1.) Tenchu descends upon Avian with his shadow army, conquers the nine regions, and takes possession of the feathers.

2.) Blackbird attempts to rescue Owlsworth from the some shadow minions in Greater Heron that are stealing that regions feather. Blackbird’s feather becomes active when the minions attack him. He saves Owlsworth but the minions still take the region’s feather and set up defense around it.

3.) Owlsworth explains backstory to Blackbird, and Blackbird’s quest begins.

4.) Find Laura in Los Arius region, obtain 2nd feather

5.) Find Tank, obtain 3rd feather

6.) Find the other feathers, defeating more powerful enemies with each feather obtained.

7.) Upon obtaining the 9th feather, Tenchu confronts the guardians, defeats and captures them, and steals the 9 feathers.

8.) Tenchu absorbs the energy from the feathers and proceeds to conquer the galaxy with his shadow army. Jettisons the guardians and the drained feathers back to Greater Heron.

9.) Guardians return to Tenchu’s HQ and defeats him in an epic battle using the Power of Flight.

10.) Avian is saved, happy ending?...teaser for next adventure.

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Now that you have the plot, I think the next most important thing is to decide how the player will know each plot point, such as whether you will use cutscenes or dialogs. Here are some variations:

a) Narrator voiceover / textwall
b) Cutscene (non-interactive)
c) Artifact with information on scene
d) Artifact with information on GUI
e) Mission briefing
f) Triggered dialogs on scene
g) Dialogs on scene initiated by the player
h) Purely symbolic/emote (no text) dialogs on scene
i) Other...


1.) Tenchu conquers 9 regions and takes feathers with shadow army --> Narrative slideshow

This may seem like a trivial step, but it is related to the level of story-related detail required for the game. For example, Link in Zelda doesn't speak, so if at this point the designer started designing the speech quirks for Link, it would just be a waste of time. I guess this is a step you take so that you don't make things that the player will not see or need.

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Cutscene. Most definitely cutscene for the 10 major points. There would be in-game dialogue while the player is playing, but the main points, all cutscene. With voices and cinematics and everything.

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For each cutscene, you could list the objects on scene that the player would see to understand the plot point.


1.) Tenchu descends upon Avian with his shadow army, conquers the nine regions, and takes possession of the feathers.

[Scene] Shadow army trampling over a ruined city
[Scene] In a sacred hall, Shadow soldiers make way for Tenchu to see the feather
[Scene] Tenchu comments that there is only one more feather he needs then he can rule the galaxy
[Scene] An Avion elder tells Tenchu that he will not succeed.
[Scene] Tenchu ignores the elder and leaves, Shadow soldiers kill the elder.

2.) ...

Plot Hole:

In your Plot Point 1, you said Tenchu conquers 9 regions and took the feathers, but in Plot Point 2, you said Blackbird fails to save a feather from Tenchu. So it seems that in Plot Point 1, Tenchu is in the 8th region getting his 8th feather, and in Plot Point 2, he is in the 9th region getting the 9th feather--the one he thought to be the last feather he needs.

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Plot hole: Let me see if I can clerify.
i.) The numbers for the regions are arbitrary until I can name any of them.

ii.) Tenchu knows about the Power of Flight, that there are 12 feathers, and 3 of them are with the gaurdians.

iii.) At the start of the game, blackbird ends up at the capital building our something for one reason or another. He notices a shodowy overcast in the sky around the capital building (a segment of tenchu's shadow army). This is happening simultaneously in each of the nine regions. They are destroying security, stealing the feathers, and setting up there own defense of the feather in the region the just conquered.

iv.) im not sure when to make tenchu, himself, appear. He would probably be in Greater Heron getting that feather since that's where blackbird is. You know, protagonist meets antagonist for the first time. Maybe Greater Heron has the toughest security. Im not sure yet.

v.) Blackbird does fail to get the feather in Greater Heron. Up until his feather becomes active, he doesn't know anything about the Power of Flight, the fact he's a guardian, or that there are 12 feathers. His only concern is to save Owlsworth from the Shadow creatures and escape from the building. Owlsworth then explains all of that to him. That's where your quest begins.

vi.) Owlsoworth, the leaders of the other 8 regions, and Tenchu are the only people in the game that know about all of that. Blackbird and the other guardians will come to find out when the time comes in the game.

Hope that helps. Ill start working on cutscenes stuff.

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P.S: Tenchu knows that there are 3 guardians, but he doesn't know who they are. So incidentally, he can't find them or the feathers until there feathers are active. The only reason that Tenchu knew that Blackbird was a guardian was because Blackbird showed up to rescue Owlsworth, and Tenchu noticed Blackbird's feather.

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well, here i am to place my two cents....
first off, a question....
is this story a bit comical?
i was just wondering because it looks a cartoonish... it just made me think that it could be comical, but at the same time it could also be completely serious...
if your wondering, i think something serious with a bit of comedy would be awesome....
something else. i understand that these feathers are like weapons in the hands of the characters... but is that it? since these characters are seen as "guardians" i was wondering if there would be some type of special attack like a limit break in Final Fantasy that would given a super strike...
something else... it would also be really cool if at the end, these collected feathers allowed the "GUARDIANS" to sort of evolve into a super guardian so that the final fight or some of the boss fights would be more about these super guardians fighting the big bad guy...
also it would be cool if each and every feather collected would give a new weapon to the guardian in possesion of it...
for example: they all have a feather (feathers 1,2 and 3) and you collect feather 4 and give it to (balance, speed or power) one of the main guardians, after that the weapon of that guardian can be upgraded so balance would have a stronger balance, speed would have more speed, and power more power...
and another thing. What if these feather (weapon) switching allowed the guardians to turn into different "SUPER" guardians... that way, each boss battle would be different, not just because of the boss attack style but also because of your character....
its just an idea...
your welcome to take it or dump it...

oh, and i almost forgot to mention some small pointers....
the female character doesnt exactly look very female-ish, just a little bit more on that, thats it...
the big guy just looks like he is a bit too big, maybe a bit shorter with thicker muscles on top AND bottom, maybe some gear to make him look like the exmilitary type.... like a helmet, or some fatigues... nothing too big, and maybe a camo vest? bandana?
and the ENGINEER character looks very cool actually, my favorite bird-like character so far... but i think he need to look a bit more like an actual engineer, for example, give him a nerdy look? or maybe just put some huge googles (like the kind used for soldering) to make it look like he is a real engineer....
and lastly, the bad guy dude, he looks weird in black and white but then in color he looks awesome good job with those two characters...
i was wondering if you would be willing to try different color templates for tenchu... i mean, he looks cool but maybe, just maybe, there is another color that MIGHT make him look a bit cooler? and maybe some red eyes?
anyway, this is all just an opinion, if you take it into consideration then cool, if you dont then thats fine.... good luck with the game... hope it becomes something...

thats in case you like my idea... maybe i can help with a bit more?

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ATTENTION ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have returned finally. Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been studying for MCAT and such; but I have returned for more work on my game and more comments.

NOW, Mr. RONIN, let me tell you my thoughts or your opinions:

1.) Alot of your ideas are exactly what I want my game to be sturctured like. The game, 1st and fore-most, is a serious action game. However, there is comedy to lighten the story and gameplay. It is more animated than realistic.
2.) The feathers that the guardians themselves carry are their weapons. As far as how their special attacks work, I haven't entirely figured that out. I would like to give them a "super strike" as you say. One for each weapon they recieve, and a few for their melee attacks as well. Now, you mentioned each guardian recieving a weapon for each additional feather they recieve. That I'm not sure about. See, I ultimately would want the players to have time to play around with each weapons before the game is over. The way the story is setup, after the guardians get the ninth feather, your already have completed most of the game. After that Tenju- Tenchu is a Typo- steals them, uses the Power of Flight to start taking controll of the universe, and your starting the last mission or two, to save the universe. Well that's why we talk about ideas, rite?
3.) Once again sir, you are dead on with the final boss fight. My idea is for Blackbird and the Team to use the Power of Flight to defeat the final boss, Tenju. For the regular boss fights, I think I might stick to some mix between, attack patterns, puzzle solving, weapons, and character choice. We'll see.
4.) As far each of them becoming more super along the way.....eh. I'm airing on the side of no. Think about the the feathers as choas emeralds. Individually they have great power, and you can use that power for things. But you don't become super until you bring them together. You don't become semi-super along the way. Maybe I can incorporate that into later game ideas, but at least not for the first.
5.) As far as Laura is concerned, I've never been the best female designer. I tried, but that's more or less what I want her to look like interms of over all design. U know, color, features, clothes, etc.
6.) You really think he's too big. I want there to be a noticable size difference between the characters to tip you off to their stengths and weaknesses; even though Laura is the fastest and highest jumper. I wouldn't mind giving Tank a camo vest or ammo strap on his chest or something. No fatigues.
7.) Blackbird is an engineer, but not a nerd. He's a quip dealing character that tries to make lite of every situation; like spider-man. I would consider goggles. Drawing objects is all not a strength in my drawing skills. I you have conceptual ideas, feel free to draw them out and submit them to me.
8.) As far as Tenju goes. I like those colors for him. It kinda fits. But like I said, mess with them and submit them back. As long as you don't go too crazy.
P.S: actually, his eyes are red. Those slits on the humanoid face are his real eyes.
Thanks for the feed back, feel free to send me more. I promise that It won't take me a month to respond next time. I remember my password now.
Hopefully, this will become a video game, but it helps to have help. Thx again.

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First of all. Welcome back to the boards. Just read the entire post.

My thoughts and opinions:

The character design for Tank is the right size. Don't change. But you can add one shell belt around his chest from left to lower right. I think that will look decent.

Your gdd : game design document is well under way to become something. I have not played the Jax and Daxter, but I know what that game looks like. What I am saying is, that the game will look great for what your after.

I am hoping that the feather like weapons are used as shields to block and bounce off short, mid range and long distant fired objects. Like Lasers, Steel Arrows, Spears being thrown at the heroes?

Another thought.

The feather like weapons. Will the feathers be unique to the characters in the game?

Blackbird's feather is a Black McCaw Sword
Laura's Feather is a Steel tipped bladed Feather Fan
Tank's Feather is an Exotic Double Edged Feather Sword

Or switch Blackbird's Feather weapon for Tank's Feather weapon?
Or have Tanks Feather weapon be a Tri - Bow Feather Staff? With Balded tips at the ends? That would be a nice weapon for Tank. And have the character weapons match the color of their suits? Hmm. just though which is just an idea. The weapon being used by the character for each level changes colors to match the location and or area or something that has a reverse effect of the enemies you encounter.


Fire location. Weapon becomes white / blue hue for an ice color. This effect does not enhance the characters statistics just the weapon being used that makes the enemies melt or become frozen or slower due to the coldness of the weapon? Maybe to much. Which is okay. Yeah. Don't do that. It would change everything for the character's way of playing and the style. Never mind. Keep the weapons normal. I though I had something there. Lol.

For the sub-bosses if any for obtaining the feathers after the third character has joined the team. I don't think super colossal sub bosses would do the game any justice. To many games now a days are designing large sub bosses and bosses for players to pass. I think it all depends on the genre and storyline that the game represents makes it need a uber sub boss or boss in every part of the game.

I would suggest a mid to large enough creature or beast to handle that it doesn't take away from the style your game is being played.

I think that's all I can come up with for now. But I will add more if needed. Hopes this helps you out in some small way. I enjoyed your ideas. Would like to see it on store shelves some time in the future. :) Good Luck.

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Well Mr. Knight, your input has given me some ideas. As oppose to having sub-bosses, I would like there to be a variety of different enemies that you would encounter as you progress through the game. These enemies you would re-encounter these enemies as well. They would range in size, behavior, fighting strategy, etc.

Shield, eh....maybe. Seems alil to star foxy. Maybe though.

Here are the weapon breakdowns for each character: Each weapon double functions as a gun/melee weapon. The feather trasforms from weapon to weapon. Melee weapons never change, they just get more attacks and combos.
Laura specializes in short-range rapid fire weapons (ex. pistols, sub-machine guns). Melee weapon is a pair of beam daggers.
Tank specializes in long-range, heavy artillery (ex. bazookas, grenade launchers). Melee weapon is his fists.
Blackbird specializes in everything in between. Melee weapon is a beam saber.

Thank you for your input. Please write again anytime.

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Hello ParkerLad,

Glad to hear from you again. The idea from the Star Fox details never occurred to me. But duly noted. I agree with the way the sub bosses should be. With the recurrence of the sub bosses, will the sub bosses have new movement styles? I am sure this will happen. Oh by the way. I loved your videos on ms paint. very creative. I have done one once but with the movie maker program on the pc as well. I to had added music to it. Then a while after that my computer crashed and I lost the video. My nephew drew up some interesting looking characters that would be great for a zany cartoon. I will be working on that later and the video once again at the end of this year when I am done with my first 10 scripted episodes of my series straight to dvd. But I won't tie up this thread with my hobbies and other mumble jumbo stuff to down rate your post. So that will be it for that.

Just wanted to tell you that its a neat way to draw up characters and edit the way their shown in the movie maker program. Anyways I will be reading your post from time to time to help out with more ideas if you would like that and from everyone else as well.

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I don't know if the enemies styles will change. I know they would reappear consistantly. Changing the enemies tactics kinda defeats the purpose of having different enemies. I could make variants of some enemies with different attack patterns adn such. Honestly, I just want to pitch the idea and have the gaming company work out the details and run them by me.

So you make videos do ya? Thats cool. Spielburg, I am not. I hope that works out for you.
Feel free to comment anytime, submit character designs, etc.
Thanks again.

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Thanks and it will be my pleasure to help you and everyone out along the way. I am not in any company just a visual artist and a video game, board game and trading card hobbyist by trade as it were. All for fun and learning new ways of writing and designing. I like your ideas but I won't steal them. No need to. To many ideas and concepts of my own to worry about.

So for each variety of your normal enemies, what will they be? Will they be the forest type creatures that birds deal with in a natural environment or robotic creatures that look like the animals of the jungles, forests, tundra, swamps, desert plains, mountain areas? Or a little of in between of natural creature and robotic creature?

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Well, I actually haven't thought about it very hard. I'm still trying to find time to finish my story. I have the main points of the story, but I need to work out story specifics.

So far the only legit enemies I have are Tenju himself, and his second in command, which is going to be a giant wolf-bat like creature. Tenju is a powerful shadow spirit, and leader of a mazzive shadow army if that tips you off to what the enemies will look. Because this is a bird themed game, naturally, a majority of the enemies will be some variant of flying creature. Tenju's army so far will consist of scavenger-esk birds ( blackirds, ravens, condors, vultures, buzzards, etc.) I might make other enemies that a both natural enemies and prey of birds. Snakes and insects respectively. The enemies will range from being humanoid to behaving like regular animals and there fighting style will reflect. The size will also reflect their strength and weakenesses. Enemies will also range in intelligence from the retarded standard minions to intelligent pain-in-the-ass minions that are higher in tenju's ranks. The enemies wont be too much of a pain because that takes the fun away from the game, but they will be challenging. The types of enemies will also vary from region to region with the reoccurrance of certain enemies depending on the region.

Fighting strategy variants:
Melee enemies (Offensive and Defensive)
Projectile enemies ( light to heavy artillary)
Turret enemies (light to heavy artillary)
Enemies riding enemies
Enemies that organize groups of other enemies
Enemies that strength other enemies attributes ( strength, speed, defense, health, etc.)

Designs will come over time. I would like to finish the story before i work on other things like designs for minor characters, minions, etc.

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Hello all,
It's been a long time coming, but my story is finally finished minus the nit-picky details. What you are about to see is an ellaboration on the 10 pt. plot that you saw earlier on this topic. This is about as far as I will go with details on the story. I'm not going to take the time to try and ellaborate on dialogue and cinematography. The game developers that take this idea con worry about that stuff. I'm sure that most of you can imagine where cutscenes, in-game dialogue, and game play will be accordingly. If not, I will consider ellaborating. Once again though, game developer's problem mostly...with my consent.

Here we go; enjoy:

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird and the Power of Flight[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] [/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Blackbird is working on an aero craft on the outskirts of Greater Heron.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird test-drives the craft. The craft malfunctions and crashes near the capital building.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]A mysterious overcast of purplish-black clouds descends over Greater Heron (and all of avian at the same time).[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]1.) Tenju descends upon Avian with his shadow army, conquers the nine regions, and takes possession of the feathers.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]There is a concentration of clouds that descends further upon the capital building.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird makes his way towards the capital building to investigate.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird arrives to find the capital building in ruins.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird enters the capital building to search for personnel.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird sees, unconscious guards as he makes his way to the center of the building.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird enters the center room and finds the remains of a shattered, hidden entrance.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Before he enters, a guard grabs his leg. Blackbird attempts to converse with the guard to assess the situation. The guard eventually loses consciousness at the end of their conversation.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird enters the secret enterance.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird makes his way to the holding area of Greater Heron’s feather.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird also encounters Owlsworth and a tall shadowy figure (Tenju).[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Tenju’s minions defeat Owlsworth’s forces. [/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Tenju commands Owlsworth to relinquish the feather; Owlsworth refuses.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Tenju injures Owlsworth and tosses him aside.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Shadow minions proceed to finish off Owlsworth.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]2.) Blackbird attempts to rescue Owlsworth from the some shadow minions in Greater Heron that are stealing that regions feather. Blackbird’s feather becomes active when the minions attack him. He saves Owlsworth but the minions still take the region’s feather and set up defense around it.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Back at Blackbird’s, Owlsworth awakens. [/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird asks questions about Tenju, the feathers, the guradians, etc.[/font]
[font="Times New Roman"]3.) Owlsworth explains backstory to Blackbird, and Blackbird’s quest begins.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird’s objective is to find the other 2 gaurdians and stop Tenju from harnessing the Power of Flight to release the full power of his shadow army upon the galaxy.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Owlsworth explains that active feathers can home in on other active feathers[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]The feather indicates that the closest feather is in Los Arius; Blackbird sets off.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Upon his arrival, Owlsworth tells Blackbird that there is a famous bounty hunter (Luara) in the region to look out for; she has a feather around her neck.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Substory: Laura Kingfisher- [/font][font="Times New Roman"]player plays as Laura.
Laura’s feather becomes active during substory.
4.) Find Laura in Los Arius region, obtain 2nd feather[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Laura and Blackbird fight together.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Upon defeating some shadow minions, Blackbird explains the situation to Laura (a more condensed version of Owlsworth’s story); Laura reluctantly joins Blackbird.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]5.) Laura and Blackbird proceed to the capital Los Ibis; obtain 3[sup]rd[/sup] feather, rescue the mayor of the region.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Owlsworth contacts Blackbird; Blackbird updates Owlsworth.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Owlsworth tells Blackbird about a region that is still at war with the shadow army. Owlsworth shows that a picture of the region’s top air force team, lead by a certain humming bird.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Substory: Tank Hummerman- play plays as Tank.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Tank’s feather becomes active during substory.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]5.) Find Tank, obtain 4th feather.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]The three fight together to complete Tank’s mission.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Upon completion, Tank happily joins Blackbird and Laura.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]6.) Tank, Laura, and Balckbird proceed to the capital to rescue the mayor of the region and obtain the 5[sup]th[/sup] feather.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]7.) Blackbird and crew reclaim the other feathers, defeating more powerful enemies with each feather obtained.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Team Blackbird’s quest takes them back to Greater Heron to obtain the final feather.
8.) Upon obtaining the 9th feather, Tenchu confronts the guardians, defeats and captures them, and steals the 9 feathers.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]When the gaurdians awake they are confound to energy absorbing devices.
9.) Tenchu absorbs the energy from the feathers and proceeds to conquer the galaxy with his shadow army. Jettisons the guardians and the drained feathers back to Greater Heron.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird and the others awaken to a desolate planet with blackish-purple overcast.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird and the others are disheartened by their defeat. The mayors from each region rally the team to defeat Tenju.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]They find Blackbird’s prototype aero craft and use the feathers to power it so they can reach the capital.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]The team proceeds through the capital and the entrance to Tenju’s HQ guarded by Tenju’s #2.
10.) Guardians return to Tenchu’s HQ.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Blackbird and team fight their way to the center of Tenju’s HQ where they find Tenju transformed by the Power of Flight.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]11.) Team Blackbird defeats Tenju in an epic battle using the Power of Flight.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]12.) Avian is saved, happy ending?...teaser for next adventure.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] Blackbird and the Birds of Prey
[/font] Blackbird and the Deities of Skyworld

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