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Volume texture access

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hl1202    100
Hi everyone,

I'm working on some problems which need to use volume texture.

My volume texture is created by a list of 300 images.
After creating the texture, i want to use 1 image (texture) from this volume texture.

How can i access 1 texture of the Volume texture and use it like normal texture. For example, i want to use the image (texture) 3 in volume texture to do like this

pd3dDevice->SetTexture (0,thirdTexture);


I wish i can use Volume Texture like an array, and just add the index to access the texture i want (ie. pVolumeTexture[i])

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belfegor    2834
If you are using dx9, by using shaders you can access individual slice like this:

sampler volumeSampler : register(s0);
texCoord = float3(IN.texCoord.xy, (1.0f / TotalSlicesInVolume) * SliceYouWant);
color = tex3D(volumeSampler, texCoord);

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