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INFECTION "Arcophage"

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Tagline:It’s a whodunit in outer space – with heavy weapons. Have you ever had that feeling that someone isn’t who he/she says they are? Infection satisfies that urge to sleuth, deduce, and shoot things in an intense action-packed multiplayer adventure. Some people have been turned. They are sick. And the only way to cure them is to pump them full of lead.

Description: Planetoid NM-9 is a mysterious rock roughly the size of Mars. It orbits a planet that is barreling through dark space.

The entire discovery is unique because the massive terrestrial super-earth, Nemesis, has no star and belongs to no solar system.

Theories suggest that it was a lucky survivor of a dying solar system; one where the star went supernova and ejected Nemesis and NM-9 into the void. A lack of scarring or significant damage of any kind makes this relatively difficult to believe.

The expedition arrives on the heels of a probe that detected evidence of weathering and water on NM-9’s surface. Soon, the team finds mysterious artifacts.

A United Artifact Recovery (UAR) ship, the Arcophage, is contracted and dispatched to retrieve the items and return them to Earth for research.

Once the artifacts are on board, strange things begin to happen. Communication with the remainder of the ship is cut off. Alien creatures begin consuming the crew. Eventually only the command deck remains. You and your fellow soldiers must protect the Command Bridge if you are to have any hope of surviving. However, the only people with the security clearance to open the hangar bay doors (where the alien scourge was released) are present among you. It becomes apparent that one of your "friends" is compromised, no longer human. You and your friends must find the infested individual and eliminate them before they can infest you and sabotage the ship.

The only problem is that anyone can be the infested - even you.

Visuals and Art:
This game is an isometric 2D, top-down, RTS-style game. The controls and HUD are customizable. There are several RPG elements including leveling up and power evolution over time.

Expect fast-paced action as 10 people are thrown into a dying ship. Aliens are spreading through the doomed vessel, consuming everything in their path. Not only will you have to deal with the creatures attacking the Command Deck, but you will need to find out who among you is no longer human. Eliminating the infested is the human’s objective. Eliminating or turning the humans is the infested’s objective.

To do all this, you are equipped with powerful weapons and three different unit classes, each with unique skills, powers, and attributes. Learn new and more powerful attacks as you level up. You will need them, because safety is a luxury on the Arcophage. Nowhere on the ship is safe forever… nowhere!

The powers at your disposal evolve as you grow. Use them to annihilate anything and anyone standing in your way. And most importantly, use them to track and eliminate the infested humans. You may start out with 8 human allies, but before you know it, you could be the last human left – fighting 9 infested people alone.

Powers range from pummeling an area with explosives to possessing the bodies of NPC characters. If you’re tired of someone – teleport away. Can’t find anyone – send a powerful ping out.

Powerful and varied items further enhance the battlefield experience. Whether it’s a simple health pack or a deadly Bonsai Nuke, the ship is your playground and its inhabitants are your playthings. The strategies, combinations, and possibilities are endless.

The Experience:
The game is a multiplayer smorgasbord. Play with strangers or friends. Talk to one another and figure out who could possibly be infested. Use their words, actions, and your logic to expose them – then kill them dead. That’s right, kill them dead. Hit ‘em hard. Leave no trace of the alien scum. Or leave no trace of the human menace. It depends, doesn’t it?

Examples Of Enemies and Weapons To Get the Juices Flowing:
ZERO KELVIN GRENADE – Freeze your enemies in their tracks. Then shatter their cold, dead corpses.
RADIUM – Create a radioactive aura around you that cooks your enemies from the inside out. But be careful or you just might cook yourself.
SILVER BULLET– Instantly dismember an enemy with this deadly item.
DELIRIUM – Control the minds of your enemies and have them do your bidding.
RICHTER ARMOR- Take enough damage and a powerful skill becomes available. Force a seismic blast in your enemies direction and see who’s left standing.
REPULSION ARMOR- Send your aggressors a special surprise. When they attack, they take damage back.
GHOST- Use this power to phase out of reality for a time, leaving you unable to attack or take any damage. The only question is… what unit has this power?
CRAWLER- This mad monstrosity is like a spider – a spider with human faces melted onto its skin. Oh, and it spits acid.
GYPSY HOG- This lumbering alien is covered in deadly barbs. It shoots them at enemies and they explode on impact.
RAPTOR- This bipedal hunter traverses the battlefield insanely fast. Its main means of attack involves spitting life-ending parasites at its enemies.
Raptor Art

Website: The website is complete but needs art finalized. Will be up very soon.
INFECTION Comic Strips: Several issues of animated comics will be created giving backstory and a 3rd dimension to this two dimensional game. They will be issued bi-monthly leading up to the release of the game.
SMS Messaging Service: A service will be offered on our website using CDyne SMS messaging software to collect interested user's phone numbers. On the day INFECTION is released, a text will then be sent to all people who registered for the service.

The expected platforms are PC and Xbox Live Indie Arcade. The game concept is being processed by the Xbox Arcade Team and it is not out of the realm of possibility to see this game on the regular arcade game list.

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