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mind in a box

Editor GUI design: Property-Box

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Hi everyone!

I just coded a property system for my engine, and now I need to make it available to the user who is using the engines editor.

The GUI of my engine is built on top of native Direct2D, everything is self made. So I can make changes rather easily.

The control which reads out the data of the properties is already made. Now I need a good design for the GUI part of it. Here is what I currently got:

I'm not very pleasant with it. Looks to flat, or whatever, I don't know.

Maybe you have some ideas of how I could improve the design.

If you make a suggestion, please keep in mind that it has to fit into the style of the other GUI elements:

(Don't mind the blue rectangle next to the browser thumbnails, it's a placeholder)

I'm not asking for coding-help here, I know how I would do everything, I just need some ideas for the design. It should be nice and also user friendly, no to complicated or overloaded.

For example, one thing of the things of the current design I don't like are those separator lines. They don't fit right IMHO...

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Over 80 views, and no one had an idea of ho to (visually) improve my property-box?

Come on guys, I just would like to hear some ideas like "Make this thing yellow, add a line there, a shadow here, etc, etc"...

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