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Rayel, textmode game

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Name: Rayel
Genre: RPG, close to roguelike.
Graphics: ASCII
Author: me
Released: 2010
URL: http://anfeir.ter12.ru/rayel.htm , http://roguebasin.roguelikedevelopment.org/index.php?title=Rayel
Stage: stable beta. last version: 0.1.9a
Screenshot: http://anfeir.ter12.ru/rayel-screenshotseng.htm

Main Features:
- Fully playable and winnable now. Several endings.
- big and fully active world (not random now).
- Variety of the world: dungeons, plains, forests, steppes, swamps, deserts, seas, isles, rivers (with underwater part), mountains, castles, temples, towers, towns (plains, forest, underground, mountain), ruins, ancient misty constructions...
- World: no strict bound between locations. There are some areas which extend over the significant map part.
- World: no strict levels/floors division: in any place of the map you can encounter an ascending, descending or stairs. Many corridors lead very far away.
- Pseudo real-time actions
- The large variety of monsters, items and other objects.
- Different types of non-item objects: signposts, traps, fountains, plants, levers, caches.
- 12 unique classes, every of them has its own set of skills and spells, The significant part of them are accessible only after gaining a particular level.
- Monsters have almost the same set of attributes that the main character, they can use weapons and other items.
- One the same monster type can be of different professions.
- Monsters, especially experienced, can have large variety of skills and spells, depending on their races and classes, which they use.
- Skills: real raising, without manual raising.
- Large variety of temporary monster effects. Miscellaneous buffs, weaknesses, diseases, venoms, curses etc...
- Communication, although primitive now. _Random_ quests with different difficulty degrees, in the addition of the plot with several branches.
- AI: not bad base, though half-inactive now.
- Missiles (and some spell effects) are flying in the real-time. Some classes have ability to gain amazing speed and overrun them.
- Internationalization support: full Russian and English versions.

Current problems:
-Generally it is lack of lyrics, atmosphere, communication and interaction.
-The killing process could be a bit boring at the beginning - due to large monsters' hps.
-It is not that easy to play.

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