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Losing some details of meshes unlike MeshView/3DSMax

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Hi all ,

I know the subject may refer to a huge area , but to be specific ,
I want to share 3 screenshots:

1. Its wireframe 3dsmax rendering of a head of a lego man , that head is baked so
there is no texturing on the face , eyes and his mouths is part of that mesh subset :


2. After exporting that mesh as a X file by using Panda , the below link shows
how MeshView of DXSDK renders it :

DX MeshView Rendering

3. The latest screenshot is from my custom rendering code in D3D. As you can see
I lose details of the eye and the mouth of the lego man , ofcourse when I get closer to lego man, it becomes normal...

My custom D3D Rendering

What do you suggest to fix it ?

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Looks like some Z-Fighting. You can set the position of your mouth a little bit more in front of the face or increase the precision of your ZBuffer. Easiest optimization should be to put the mouth and eyes into a texture and uv-map it on the cylinder of the head.

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