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FAR Colony

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Name: FAR Colony (FARC)
Genre: Hard-SciFi Space real-time strategy/simulation
Graphics: mix of 2d interface w/ OpenGL graphics
Author: myself
Released: first alpha released in 2009
Website: http://farcolony.sourceforge.net/index.html
Project Page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/farcolony/
Stage: alpha (not fully playable yet), last released version: 0.3.1, current dev version: 0.4.0

Implemented Features:
- two languages (English/French).
- 1 playable faction
- a colonization phase system
- a colony simulation model
- a socio-political matrix (currently in development for the 0.4)
- a space unit missions system w/ 2 missions for now
- a sort of online help/civilopedia w/ topics-definitions
- an unified macro-management interface, compatible w/ the main game interface

Planned major features (already in game design docs) until playable beta 0.9 (expected at the end of 2011)
0.5- production system (for infrastructures/space units and products)
0.6- research & development system (w/ dynamic and/or
0.7- space unit designer
0.8- trading system system
0.9- semi-automated missions + 6 other playable factions

FARC isn't a casual game but a sort of mix between Outpost (the first one), Civilization and Sim City... or at least inspired from.

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