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SDL and opengl?

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jfweiss    100
I'm starting a game project and I wanted some advice on what I should use. I have experience with C++/C# and DirectX, but I want to make cross-platform games. I'm leaning towards SDL and Opengl because I've read some good things about it and found some good learning resources.

The game I want to make would be similar to Chrono Trigger or the Secret of Mana games for the SNES. Primarily I want to know if it's worth using openGL on or is it over kill?


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zerothrillz    152
Your time spent learning to use OpenGL would be well spent, so long as you feel that you are adequately prepared to understand all of it's concepts and how it all works. It is a bit more difficult to use, but definitely not impossible. To start go get a copy of the OpenGL Programmer's Guide published by Kronos.

If you just want to make this game use some middle-ware library like SFML or SDL.
If you want to learn a serious graphics hardware interface in the process, use OpenGL.

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