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Some Questions about making a text based / time based game

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First off, Greetings i am new to GameDev

Over the last couple of months, i have been thinking about creating (or learning how to) make a text based / time based game (mmorpg) such as and

I know that i can not just learn how to make one, it takes time (alot of time) and dedication.

I am wondering what i should learn first, and what i should learn to make a game such as those games i posted above.

If anyone could give me some advice, i will be very gratefull :-)

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Greetings to you at gamedev.

although I dont know what is time-based (maybe turn-based?) I heard something about mmorpg-s, so try to inform you as well as I can.

Learning to create an mmorpg is one of the hardest tasks possible, and is not said to be a suitable task for a single person. It requires a team of coders and very much time (month / years) of programming, not to mention the long learning curve (few years), although even the simple syntaxed languages (like python) are capable of doing such tasks.

would advise you:Try to create simple text-based 1 player games at the beginning, they re good novice level tasks. Later learning of net programming will be necessary for mmorpgs, and you can experiment with these, but as I heard they really require far too much time. Perhaps there is an MMORPG creator existing somewhere, that would be a solution.


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I'll echo ldmn's comments:

Progression from a single player game to multiplayer game is a logical approach.

The way I approached things was to do the following:
Built a sequential text game, only processing after i'd entered a command, a simple "here is a room, here are the exits" kind of maze.
- covered basic input/output approaches, structures for data and storing and loading maps from memory.

Built on from the base to include monsters that would 'hunt' me in the maze, that if they were in the same room and you didnt 'poke them with a stick' they'd eat you.
- covered basic AI, the monsters needed to figure out where i was by radius, and would move towards me if they were close enough, identifying the shortest route

Built on from there to have a ticker to allow the monsters to move even if i didnt move for some time, so removing the turned base game play style.
- covered basic timers, and basic threading.

Build on to have a 2d graphical interface.
- covered basic directx, and more complext input.

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