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Raknet free license conditions

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Eralp    142
Hello I see that Raknet is free for little indie developers. The conditions are having a revenue lower than 50K and downloadable distribution as I understand.
I am not thinking about that kind of revenue so I satisfy the first one. But what means downloadable distribution, can't I sell my game for example on steam or on my website?

In case I can't, can I add an in-game shop to my game and sell some equipment, skins there?

And can I add an in-game shop, make the game free on the website, and sell it on the steam with some valuable equipments included ?

Does the last one violate "downloadable distribution" ?


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yewbie    677
I believe (and someone correct me if I am wrong), that they mean you can only distribute your game as a downloadable game and not via physical media, I think steam and other things like that might be a grey area... your best bet would be to check with raknet about it.

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