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[web] Creating a battle arena game with Flash.

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BloodyDiamond    100
I'm thinking of creating a game similar to battleon's games( I guess you know what I'm talking about, otherwise please google it).
Well it's based on the same concept of 2d fighting. The player basically starts with a customisable character which he can level up, build items on him, learn new skills, etc.. You know the type of game.
It's a turn-based 2d fighting game. Players can battle each other and level up their characters and get money for buying new weapons and equipment.
There will be no quests or NPCs, just players vs. players.

Is my goal realistic? Considering I will begin the project when I feel experienced in Flash game development and I will create the game all by myself.

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Cygnus_X    359
Realistic to complete? Yes, you can produce such a game.
Realistic to be highly successful? Not if you're expecting 100k players or more. If you are the only programmer, you currently have very little experience, and you don't have an exceptional artist, at best, you will probably grow a small fan base of around 750 if you're lucky.

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