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Need some help with index buffer and vertex buffer!

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Hey gamedev, I was wondering if anyone could write an index buffer and vertex buffer for a model I have? it'd be a huge help.

You see, the game Mafia 2 uses index buffers and vertex buffers for it's models
and I want to attempt to get custom models into the game but after all my searching with google I've come up with nothing and can't figure out what to do to get the vertex and index buffers. I think I understand what they both do also.
I've made a few modifications to models in mafia 2 before, but that was because there were programs available and a lil drag and drop was involved, and they were
models already in-game.

I've made sure the model I want to use is to the correct proportions also.

I will link you to the model if you can please help me.

Thank yo for any help ;)

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Sorry i cant understand what u want ?

U have the content for index and vertexbuffer and want us to show u how to render this content ?
If so, there are still infos missing like VertexFormat and how to draw the content like trianglecount etc..

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