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Sprites with free license

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I'm a programmer, and not without making sprites and unfortunately work alone,
I wonder where I can find sprites free license, because I want to sell my games on App Store


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I'm looking for the same thing, although in a slightly different situation.

I'm at University and have an assignment to hand in. Its a finished XNA game(albeit a simple one) and am running out of time. I'm a programmer and programming is what I am going to be marked on so I don't want to be spending all my time doing art work when its not what gets me a good grade.

I was planning on working with a friend who does Animation and digital art, but he has other commitments so I'm on my own until the new year(My project has to be done and handed in on December 17th.)

My Work is not exactly a clone of an old game, But it certainly is a "homage" to a certain Plumber. The hook for my game is that its going to be High Definition (1920x1200) so I'm in need of some HD sprites and backgounds. Anyone know of any resources free(in all senses of the word)

alliedwarrior, I'll give you my opinion on your situation, for what its worth. If your making a game that you plan to sell, then you really should consider getting an artist on board with you. Sure you need to split the profits but the game will be obviously better because the visuals will be unique. And to be honest most games make absolutely no money at all, so 1/2 of 0 is 0. And you've saved yourself some work.

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