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which blend function to use?

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a 2D subwindow on top of a 3D subwindow.

I was using glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA,GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA), but I still couldn't remove the grey part. Thanks in advance.

PS. The top subwindow was texture mapped with alpha values. Texture Envi mode was GL_MODULATE. Blending was enabled during rendering.

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Yes, the image was uploaded as RGBA. It worked fine on other subwindows.

The following is what i have for the top subwindow, which is Subwindow5:

Subwindow5 = glutCreateSubWindow(Subwindow1, SubW1*5.0/6.0,SubH1/6.0,SubW1*5.0/6.0,SubH1*5.0/6.0);
StatsWindow = textureALPHA("subwindow5.raw",512,512,0,TRUE);

The display function:

void sub5Display (void)
SetBackground (W5_width, W5_height, StatsWindow);

Setbackground just make a polygon of W5_width X W5_height, and texture StatsWindow on it. Also, I rendered sub window 5 last.

The grey part is Alpha = 0, am i missing glColor4 or glClearColor?

Thanks again

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I think you might be getting foiled by glut here. I'm not sure if glut subwindows will allow blending in between them like that, but I don't use it so I couldn't say.

Try setting the clear color to (x,x,x,0) before you glClear the subwindow, see if that works.

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Why are you having a second window anyway. It has to have its own GL context and frame-buffer. Seems like a waste. You can always just draw in orthographic mode for 2D stuff.

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