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shader reflection varsize

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giugio    246
i use this block of code for the shader reflection:

pReflector->GetDesc( &desc );
for ( UINT i = 0; i < desc.InputParameters; i )
pReflector->GetInputParameterDesc( i, &in );
CInputShaderDesc varInputDesc(in);


the problem is that i can't find any size of the input var:
where i can find this information?

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j3p    1363

D3D11_SIGNATURE_PARAMETER_DESC contains a member called "Mask". Documentation says that each register can store up to 4 (components) x 32bits. You just check the bits of Mask. For example, 1 = 0x1: 1 component used, 11 = 0x3: 2 components used and so on. "ComponentType" gives you the data type, is it float, is it uint or something else. And when you multiply the number of components used by 4, you can get the size in bytes.

Let me know if there's a more sophisticated style.

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