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[.net] stopwatch issues

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Looks like im doing something wrong trying to do animations using time calculated by the stopwatch class

quick code:

Stopwatch timer;

void Update()


timer = Systems.Diagnostics.Stopwatch.StartNew();
} // end rendering

in my world render I do the following

void Render (Long Milliseconds)
elapsed += Milliseconds;

if (elapsed >= anim_speed)
elapsed = 0;
current_frame %= num_frames;


with this im not having consistent animations (jerkiness all over the place) so I was wondering what should I do to improve the situation?

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First: post compiling code!

You keep on re-creating the timer in the Update method and starting it again.

timer.Milliseconds doesn't even exist (the code does not compile).

Use TotalMillisecondsElapsed.

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