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(SOLVED) Reading Animation Keysets from x file

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im writing a animationcontroller and fail to load animations using quaternions.
When i import the animation with matrixes it works fine.

So the reason have to be the quatertions..

This is the file:
|+ ID: 218 AnimationSet-Nr.: 3 'Animation_Run'
||+ ID: 219 Animation-Nr.: 39 controlls Bone 'Scene_Root'
|||- ID: 220 AnimationKeySet-Nr.: 115 TransformTyp=0 KeyFrameCount=96'
|||- ID: 221 AnimationKeySet-Nr.: 116 TransformTyp=1 KeyFrameCount=96'
|||- ID: 222 AnimationKeySet-Nr.: 117 TransformTyp=2 KeyFrameCount=96'
||+ ID: 223 Animation-Nr.: 40 controlls Bone 'root'
|||- ID: 224 AnimationKeySet-Nr.: 118 TransformTyp=0 KeyFrameCount=96'
|||- ID: 225 AnimationKeySet-Nr.: 119 TransformTyp=1 KeyFrameCount=96'
|||- ID: 226 AnimationKeySet-Nr.: 120 TransformTyp=2 KeyFrameCount=96'


AnimationKey {

In my code i map this file to a quatertion like this:

pKeyData == 0;4;1.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000;;,
qResult.v.x = ((float*)(pKeyData + sizeof(DWORD)*2))[1];
qResult.v.y = ((float*)(pKeyData + sizeof(DWORD)*2))[2];
qResult.v.z = ((float*)(pKeyData + sizeof(DWORD)*2))[3];
qResult.a = ((float*)(pKeyData + sizeof(DWORD)*2))[0];

then i apply the matrices in orginal order like:

for (DWORD dw1=1;dw1<pAnimation->dwCountKeySets;dw1++)
matResult = matQuatertion[dw1]*matResult;
matBoneMatrix = matResult;

I just cant get it running :((

I wonder if i assign the data correct to the quatertion ?

[Edited by - KanTeH on December 6, 2010 1:43:08 PM]

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Are you parsing the x-file yourself, or loading it using a D3DX call?

In any case, it appears you're trying to load pKeyData. However, this code is incorrect:

pKeyData == 0;4;1.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000;;,
qResult.v.x = ((float*)(pKeyData + sizeof(DWORD)*2))[1];

Do you mean something like:

pKeyData = { 0, 4, 1.0f, 0, 0, 0 };

It appears you need to learn how to step through your code in a debugger and check values as you go to ensure your code does what you want it to.

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ye sorry it was pseudocode.

I think i found the problem,
i jsut ignored the Typ of the Keyset and thought
it were always quatertions.

But only Typ 0 is a rotationquatertion
the others are scaling and translation Vectors.

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its solved :=)

the only thing im wondering about is that i have to apply the orginale bonematrix to it like:


but works as goos as matrixkeys now :)

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i have to apply the orginale bonematrix to it

That's how animation works. The "original" bone transform moves the vertex (which is in world-space) in the rest pose to bone space. The animation transform moves the vertex from bone space to world-space (animated position).

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