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Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone,

I hope this forum manages the new comers as well as the other parts of the Web do, meaning that the administration is aware of the new comers and provides them with welcoming experience. There was no proper "general discussion" forum where these kind of messages should be sent, but hopefully this forum will do.

Another thing, for the administration ;) is that your registration forms locale information is seriously not decent enough. Even though some of us might come from Europe, in 2010 (it is almost 2011 already) we are used to easy registration where our cities and countries are recognized during the registration process. I almost gave up the registration because you could not accept the capital of Nokia! Even though they might not write the most perfect english, how many thinking heads are you missing from growing ICT countries of India and China. In the business those guys count!

Another minor thing I'd like to know from the administration would be that why the amount of GDShowcases has dropped so much during past two years?

Let's get down to business about who I am and what I can offer for this forum. I was born in 1985 and I signed up to this great forum for the first time probably in 2000 or late 1999, can't recall my username or the email address I had back then, thus making a new account. Back then I coded C++ and this forum provided me with useful tools like Allegro and 2D-Sprite graphics tool kits. Unfortunately I got interested in girls (a very unfortunately event for every promising tech genius) and bought an electric guitar instead of new PC when I turned 16.

Well, music is very similar to the mathematics and physics, it is all about the fragments of the lengths of string that generate the sound, unfortunately our ears make the lengths of the strings vibrating a stronger experience, than whispering 440Hz*2^(7/12) in our ears. Being able to understand the both worlds of music and physics/mathematics is more ofeten given for us who are left-handed, since for us, the right-side-of-gray-cells are more active and capable to handle these things.

I did not spend much time studying for final exams at High-School, I knew I would do them just fine without studying, just like most of you also. However, I got dispatched from the code to the music. For me, and some of you, the music was a more honest choice than the "American Dream" of over exceeding student. I spent at least 3 full days or more a week with my passion, which for me was music, for next few years, the rest was spare time.

Well, I never succeeded in musical career, because I was not enough of a team player for a band, I loved creating music for myself too much to carry out all the responsibilities for the bands. In 2005 I started studying Media Engineering, it consisted of Internet SW development and Audio Visual art. My first video production was aired in the National version of the MTV.

However, later in my life, my passion for music and coding cobined. Today I am running a profitable ICT startup, which produces SaaS services for different professional players of the music industry and we are cooperating with the top coders of the country.

Perhaps this is a bit too heavy of a "Hi I am Steve" post but I hope at least some of you can see this as an opportunity. I have industry experience on how to get from nice-idea to a serious-idea and my agenda is that:
-You have to have a passion for certain genre of games, in order to be able to see the problems with the games of that genre
-You have to know which of those problems are causing the most pain for the players
-When you recognize these two, you have to figure out the solutions available
-The final solutions have to be implemented in at least 6 months (graphics etc. are waste of time if the initial concept doesn't work!)

Anyway, my time is limited but my passion is not, if you can provide me easy start-up with this forum, I promise I will give reponse worth your effort back to you. This is for me a hobby to spend excess creative energy, but games are important too!

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