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Creating local space bone transforms

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I'm trying to create local-space bone transforms out of only world-space bone position. My method to do this starts with creating world-space quaternion rotations for each bone. I then create an inverse world transform matrix for each bone. Then I go down my skeleton concatenating each bone's parent-inverse-world matrix with its own world transform. I am getting super messed up bones of course :D (or else I wouldn't be asking for help). I'm thinking that my world rotation calculations are very messed up. The way I'm calculating them is that I'm getting a vector from parent bone to current bone, and then crossing and dotting it with the x-axis to create a quaternion from the rotation axis and angle between. I'm just really confused D:

The reason I'm having to do this is because I'm running the CCD IK algorithm on my skeleton, and only using bone positions. Since I store my rotations as quaternions, I don't know how to update the rotations along with the new points. Perhaps convert quaternion to matrix, apply my IK rotation matrix to it, then pull quaternion back out?

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