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simulation and time step in OpenGL

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Hi, I hope I'm in the right section of the forum.
I have a question about the simulation in OpenGL.
I created a game where there are simultaneously the render system and physics engine.

Until now, I put everything into the opengl display callback:
first, updating the entire system relatively to the collisions and physics and
after I do the rendering.
Under Linux the system works without any visible problems (even if there are special cases)
unfortunately in windows I have strange behavior.
I can't find the solution.
So, I no have experience related to these types of behaviors
and I have not made any kind of synchronization in OGL in the past.
but I have no idea if the problem is due to this.
So I ask here, if somebody give me some suggestions.

I have done all without worrying about how to create the simulation step,
I've simply put a loop (for update collision and physics) into the dysplay callback of opengl, and after recall with the glutmainloop().
Is this wrong? Can it cause problems that I found especially under windows?
Have I create a synchronization mechanism?

please, any help is very appreciated!
sorry if my English is bad


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I see that my suspicions are correct:

It is the same problem and it is explained much better (my english sucks)

I hope this can help me and others

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