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Good game concept? - 0's 1's and Guns

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What do you think?

0's 1's and Guns

The game with graphics consisting of ones and twos (binary code). Threats have invaded the computer. You need to battle through them to save the hard drive and save the "world" from a cataclysmic crash.

You control a humanoid character whose features are completely 0's and 1's. In fact, the world around you consists of city streets, forests, and more computer-like settings that are made up of only 0's and 1's. The colors will occassionally vary to indicate necessarry differences in surfaces. The overall plot will involve wiping out the threats to the computer that you protect. You are a newly installed virus software that must navigate various sections of the computer.

Along the way, you will find that there is more to this threat than meets the eye. You find out where this computer is and what secrets it holds. You will even need to find the source of the threats to eliminate them for good. Discovering these sources and defeating the hacker bosses guarding each level will get you one step closer to victory.

2's corruptions - These manifest as human-form zombies spreading through the computer. The healthy humans that they attack become infected with 2's that eventually turn them into corruptions.
3's malware - These manifest as wolverine creatures that stop and go through fission to become two. If you don't take them out quickly, they will multiply.
4's scams - These manifest as floating ghoul-like creatures that suck the life out of their enemies. Your health decreases as they attack and it spreads that health to its nearby hostiles.
5's worms - These literally manifest as giant serpentine monsters. They attempt to devour healthy code and destroy everything in their path, especially anything trying to stop them.
6's trojans - These manifest as amorphous blobs that can change shape for a time to appear as normal programs with 1's and 0's. Occasional 6's can be seen in the binary of the models.
7's hackers - Boss creatures that come in several forms.

Health - Displayed as a file size. You start off as a 500 MB file and can upgrade by acquiring data packets scattered throughout a level. As you take damage, your file size decreases and when it reaches zero MB, you die.
Mana- Displayed as RAM. You start off with 512 MB and the total can be upgraded by collection Hardware Modifiers scattered throughout a level. As you use powers, your available RAM decreases until hitting zero. After some time of not using powers, your RAM will accumulate again.
Ammo - Displayed as a bandwidth value. Your main rifle starts off firing at a rate of 20 bits/second while a rocket launcher fires at 5 bits/second etc. and you can upgrade this number by collecting Network Power Packs throughout a level. You have infinite ammo for the weapons but using it too much in a short period of time will cause it to overload and will be frozen for several seconds.

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I can easily see this melting my eyes. Think Dorf Fort but fps, so everything is spinning and moving. Holy crap.

Otherwise though this is an awesome idea and the 'numbers represent shit' idea is also good. How about the game area is an actual silicon chip (with players etc being really small) which means you can have the landscape 'normal' but very green (roads can be the little silvery wire thingys?).

This could also involve awesome skyboxes of the inside of the rig. Or you could have my PC which has only one side and is cooled by a table fan from Tesco. ^^

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@Tom - lol

@James - Great point about the numbers moving. Perhaps it would be best if they were stationary. Easier too. And when they are injured, the bleed numbers, or when they die, they disintegrate into a pile of numbers.

Not only that but I can treat the environment as hardware and it is more typical visually, and the sprites will be software which are represented by numbers. That might ease the assault on the eyes. I think that might be one of the points you were getting at.

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