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Tampa/Lakeland/Orlando Game Development

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Group Description: Hello, I am currently a freshman at USF. My major is currently English, but I plan on transferring to UCF next fall for their Digital Media Game Design program. I am not a programmer or an artist yet, but I believe the program is well rounded. But although I am only 18 and lack many hard skills, I see my value increasing in the future. Hopefully, UCF will familiarize me with programming, art, and even more intimately with designing. As a designer I have several talents. I can write stories - plots, characters, themes, and settings. I can create virtual civilizations and institutions - races, cultures, economies, politics, stratification, social organization, and religions. I can invent items - species, weapons, armor, mounts, monsters, machines, artillery, spells, skills, and attacks. I can create purpose - objectives, and goals. Most importantly, I think outside the box - I allow my mind to flow, I redefine genres, and I create worlds. As a producer I also come in handy. I am an organizer - I can schedule, allocate tasks, oversee projects, create and meet deadlines, and present ideas efficiently. I am a leader - I can set team goals, solve group issues, and discipline and motivate the team. Lastly, I may not know much about the "real world" as I think I do, but I know a lot, and will learn much more as time passes. But I can and will (for whatever business I end up working for) work for the best interest for the business in terms of finance, productivity, and growth. Unfortunately, I can only work with the resources and skills available. Therefore this 'job' will be more of a hobby or project in that it is for amateurs to gain experience and knowledge, not to make money. At least not initially. However, I do realize that the game industry requires dedication and flexibility in addition to the mere fact that I still have a ways to come. However, if you are interested in working with me (now (long distance) or down the road), please inform me, and maybe we can working something out. I am sending this because I do realize that finding the right people is the hardest part of creating not only a game development team, but also a business. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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