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Non-game company Internship ?

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Right now I'm studying in a reputable college in India (sort of an Ivy league equivalent college ). My GPA is decent, but not too good. My problem is, that no game companies come to my college for campus placements. The companies that do come, however offer very decent pay packages.

Right now, in my third year, we are supposed to apply for internships. Our college's policy is that you need to accept an offer if you applied for a company and then get selected. You cannot reject and then do the internship somewhere else. If you do that, you get blacklisted, and cannot sit for placements during final year.

Since my gpa wasn't great compared to the rest of the batch, I applied for the first company that didn't have a GPA cut-off, and got in. However, its not a bad company at all, but probably not up there with the big boys. The big problem is that it isn't a game company. Its a company which plans trips for people. I'm supposed to be working on their website as a part of the internship.

I definitely want to work in games industry. I have doing a lot of course projects on game AI. But i seem to be stuck, I am in position to reject this internship.

Should I continue with this internship, in case it will give me some experience regarding the real world. OR should I reject it, get blacklisted for placements and apply for internship in a game company?

P.S : I would like to point out that I'm from india, and there aren't many big game companies over here.

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Original post by kvsingh
1. The big problem is that it isn't a game company.
2. Should I continue with this internship... OR should I reject it...
3. there aren't many big game companies over here.

1. That is NOT a "big" problem. Work experience is a good thing.
2. This is a decision you will have to make many times in your life. You have to start now. I have created a decision-making tool called a "decision grid." Give it a try -- it has worked well for me when I have had to make decisions. There's a link to it in this forum's FAQ (click "View Forum FAQ," above).
3. Not big companies maybe. Have you checked out GameDevMap and GameIndustryMap?

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