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Loading graphics in VB.Net

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I am programming a fairly simple RPG in using the form designer for most of the graphics. My problem is that when I draw a 15x15 map (with a preloaded graphic), it takes about 2.5 seconds to load, which seems like a very long time. Might there be a way to improve this time? I'm pretty sure that the loading just consists of a loop to use the DrawImage function in System.Drawing.Graphics.

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Hm, if you are planning to start working on a game, you should try something like XNA or Direct X (I advice you XNA for simplicity sake).

if you try to deal with graphics in raw VB you'll find million problems & u'll waste a lot of time trying to fix them, as you'll need speed.
Nowadays you need to work (almost) directly with the hardware avoiding the abstraction layers that VB classes (MFC) has. Forms & all of that is very slow. U'll face slow performance, flickering (even when moving a 10x10 jpg) & awful things.

So try to follow any XNA tutorial, it's designed to handle all this things for us, making the whole thing easier.

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