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Falling Block Game (free arcade game)

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This is a re-write of a project that I worked on 8 years ago (my first game) and it's far enough along that I wanted to share it and solicit feedback.

Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish with this game is a remake of a certain popular game from the 80s. My top priority is making a version that plays and feels like the classic it imitates (not following the latest "guidelines") so that I don't need to use an emulator/ROM anymore. Timing and scoring need to be identical so that I can compare scores between the two implementations.

I know this is a tired concept, but I selfishly want to make a version that works exactly how I want :)

If anyone has feedback on the following (or anything else), I'd like to hear it.

1) Does this play like the original?
2) If I was going to implement a one-handed mouse control scheme, what do you think would make the most sense?
3) If I'm going to add additional game modes beyond "survival/A-type" and "cleanup/B-type" what do you suggest? I was thinking of a time-limited mode and perhaps a "clear this entire picture" mode.

Web site:
Direct download: Download FBG2 v0.3 for Windows

Note that this is the first release, so a few things aren't yet implemented, namely: "cleanup/B-type" mode, in-game music and sound effects, and special effects/animations. If you run into trouble, let me know.



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