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heap space corruption glfwOpenWindow

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anyone ever had a heapspace corruption with glfwOpenWindow I thought i was originally getting an error because of pointers but after debugging it happens when i call glfwOpenWindow any idea whats going wrong?

// Open an OpenGL window
if( !glfwOpenWindow( WIDTH,HEIGHT, 0,0,0,0,0,0, GLFW_WINDOW ) )

I get this error in the output window
HEAP: Free Heap block 4c7b58 modified at 4c7b80 after it was freed
Windows has triggered a breakpoint in test.exe

and then i get another error when i exit

My application will run fine other than this but its driving me nuts

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I had a copy constructor problem where i was initializing some pointers then deleting them to initialize new ones so that when i exited It tried to delete them again or something like that thanks anyway had nothing to do with glfw oops

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