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DirectX 9 - D3DXMATRIXTransformation2D Questions

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I am trying to update my 2D graphics engine from DirectX 9.0 to one of the more recent DirectX 9 updates. Unfortunately, due to several changes, I can no longer rely on the simplicity of the ID3DXSprite::Draw() function, but must also now rely on matrix transformations. (The documentation states that the new version is the DirectX 9 Update October 2005, for reference).

In doing so, I'm trying to stick to the D3DXMATRIXTransformation2D() function. However, I have a few questions, which the documentation has left me confused regarding:

-What is the purpose of the third parameter, "pScalingRotation?" The documentation says this is "the scaling rotation factor," but I don't understand what that means.

The scaling factor is determined by the fourth parameter, "pScaling," which is a pointer to a D3DXVECTOR2, containing two floats which determine the scaling factor for the X and Y axes (so you can scale vertically more than horizontally, for instance).

The rotation factor is determined by the sixth parameter, "Rotation," which is simply a float representing the amount of rotation desired in radians.

So if those parameters take care of how much I want to scale and rotate an image, what is the purpose of "pScalingRotation?"

-What does the identity Mrc matrix represent? These are the default values, if the "pRotationCenter" parameter is NULL (it's a D3DXVECTOR2 pointers).

I want to rotate around the center of my image (rather than a corner or any other point), so I'll pass a vector containing 0.5*desired_image_width and 0.5*desired_image_height. But out of curiosity, what would the identity Mrc matrix represent in this case, if I didn't pass my desired vector?

-What is D3DXMATRIXAffineTransformation2D(), and what is the difference between this and D3DXMATRIXTransformation2D()? The documentation says it builds a 2D affine transformation matrix in the xy plane, rather than a 2D transformation matrix in the xy plane - so all I know is one is "affine," and the other is not, which is obvious, given the function's title.

What I don't understand is what that actually means.

Based on the parameters, it looks like it's the same, except it only allows one-dimensional scaling (no scaling center, and the scaling is represented by a float) - so using this function, I would only be able to scale the horizontal axis by the same amount as the vertical axis, and vice versa.

Is this a correct interpretation? Is D3DXMATRIXAffineTransformation2D() simply a simpler version of D3DXMATRIXTransformation2D(), to be used when I don't need more fancy scaling?


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