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Mick is Stumped

Standby/game controllers: should it be necessary to manually block low power states?

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I have this app that is letting the monitor poweroff whenever the only inputs are via game controller, via DirectInput (5) interfaces under both XP and Vista. To be clear, it's not supposed to do that. Historically the app was fullscreen only, but it's been recently manipulated so to play inside a window etc. Presumably this was not a problem before the window stuff.

I've no problem monitoring the input from the game controllers and blocking standby type events.. though the API looks a little cumbersome / multi-pronged. I'm just wondering if that's the best way to go. Because A) it seems like Windows should be doing this automatically unless (but clearly isn't) for whatever hypothetical reason... and B) I worry about the app accidentally or otherwise preventing standby in one way or another (mostly being blamed for that)

Is this just a fact of life for Windows apps? Or is there something missing here??


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