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Poll Results [12.8.10 - 12.10.10] - Text RPG Turn 15

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Last Action

You walk over and sit on the stool as the big front door swings open and Voryn walks in carrying a large bundle of wood, which he sets down near the hearth and uses to stoke the dimming fire. Tarah moves over to the corner near your room and lifts up a trap door. She descends down into a cellar and returns shortly with three bread loafs stacked in her arms. After placing one on each plate Tarah and Voryn take their seats, closing their eyes. Propping both elbows on the table a shoulders-width apart they straighten their hands as if they were going to chop the air. Slowly, they raise their forearms, touching the two middle fingers of their hands together as they reach their slightly bowed temples, palms facing inwards. One of Voryn's eyes cracks open to see what you are doing.

[font="Courier New"]Mimic Tarah and Voryn---51----||||||||||||||||-----------------34.6%
[color="#008000"]Do nothing--------------96----|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||----65.3%
Total Votes: 147


You are a traveler. Orphaned at a young age, you have survived on your own throughout your early years hopping from village to village and learning to live off the land. You began hearing stories from other travelers of a great civilization far off beyond the tall mountains. No one from there was willing or able to give you details - all they could remember was that it was grand and amazing. Curious, and with nothing to tie you to this land, you have set out to find this place. After crossing the mountains and a substantial desert on the other side, you have once again reached fertile land. You made camp beneath the trees for the first time in many weeks, but when you awoke again, you find yourself in a house with no memory of having traveled there.




  • someone named "Ashwyn" appears to be a powerful... person?
  • you are in some region of the land know as the "Hinterlands", east of a river known as the "Feora"
  • Tarah and Voryn are a married couple homesteading out in the Hinterlands
  • A Tha'nit is a reptilian creature that has a poison-tipped tail, can be very aggressive if provoked in certain situations but is generally scared off by loud noised. Not edible, unless you have Tarah around to cook one up for you so you don't get poisoned
    Story Log

    (This log only shows the last 10 turns. To look back further, just select a turn action to view that turn's log)

    (#5)"you're out in the hinterlands east of the Feora River, we run a small farm here," says the woman. You see she is short and lean of frame, wiry muscles beneath her shirt and slacks show she is no simple kitchen maiden. "We discovered you unconscious in your camp - we saw your cooking fire smoke run up for two days straight and feared the bush afire." She steps into the room and a man follows, medium height with a dark beard and piercing eyes. "My husband carried you back here." The man gives you a nod but otherwise remains silent, his stare seems off-putting.
    > "How long have I been asleep?"

    (#6)The man speaks up, his voice smooth and melodious instead of gruff and coarse as you expected. "You've laid here in bed for five cycles of the sun - how long you had been asleep when we first found you, we cannot guess." He looks you up and down, though his voice is gentle his stare continues to be intense. "Are you fit? Can you travel?"
    > "I am fine, but who are you two?"

    (#7)The man and woman look at each other, as if just realizing they haven't introduced themselves, or silently debating whether they even should. Then the woman turns to you and smiles, though her husband's face remains impassive. "How rude of us. My name is Tarah," she gives you a small curtsy you assume to be traditional and gestures back to the man. "This is my husband and owner of this land, Voryn." The man, Voryn, nods as he crosses his arms and leans against the jamb. "Before we are fully introduced, "he says, "we must also know your name."
    > "I'm... I'm having trouble remembering..."

    (#8)"Indeed? You must still be affected by whatever put you under for so long. Please, our house is yours while you recover," says Tarah. Still smiling, she turns to head back out of the room. "I was just about to put supper on the table," she calls back as she disappears, "you are welcome to join us." Voryn lingers a moment longer, his gaze still upon you. You can see suspicion in his eyes and your mind claws for a name to give him, but what should be easily recalled seems lost forever. Finally Voryn grunts and turns to exit the room.
    > Inspect strange fungus

    (#9)You walk back over to the bed, carefully pulling the fungus you scraped off the wall earlier out of your pocket. Tarah comes back in carrying a small lamp, which she places on the low table to light the room. As she turns to leave her eye catches the fungus you are turning over in your hand. "Oh! I see you've found some darkmold." She holds out her hand and you gently place the brown, crumbly plant into it. "It grows best in dark, dry places. We hardly use this room, not many guests come by." Her expression turns thoughtful. "You know, this can be brewed into a fairly potent healing poultice - I'm not well-practiced in herbal arts but I'm sure I could make it mildly effective...?"
    > "Sure, thank you."

    (#10)Tarah nods and closes her hand around the darkmold. "Well, I don't guarantee a magic healing potion but at the very least you shall have something to deal with any minor scrapes or wounds on your travels." She exits the room, and you soon hear dishware clattering about as the table is set. The smell of cooked meat wafts in through the open doorway and you realize for the first time since waking up how hungry you really are. Mixed in with the smell of food however is a hint of cool, crisp outside air. You hear a heavy door slam shut.
    > Leave the room

    (#11)You exit the room and find yourself in a large common area. A circular heath lies in the middle with a hood that runs up through the roof to pull the smoke rising off the blazing cooking fire that lights the room. The meaty aroma comes from the pot hanging over the fire, which Tarah is slowly stirring as she hums to herself. Against the wall with the door leading outside is a table with two chairs and a small stool. Shelves of cooking supplies and herbs line the wall next to your bedroom door. Across the room you see a door ajar leading to what appears to be another bedroom. The fourth wall has two small windows looking out into the darkening evening. Propped up in a corner is an aged powder rifle with a well-worn barrel but a finely-crafted and newer-looking wooden stock.
    > Talk to Tarah

    (#12)You walk towards Tarah, who pauses in both her stirring and her humming to take a small sip from the ladle. "Hmmm," she says, testing the broth. "Just about done," she decides, as she returns to stirring. She looks up and smiles as you approach. "Out and about are we? Well there's a good sign I suppose. I can only imagine how famished you must be after several days sleep."
    > "Why yes, I'm quite hungry. What's for dinner?"

    (#13)"Well you're in luck!" says Tarah as her smiles brightens. "This is my own recipe for Tha'nit stew." She chuckles. "Now I know how that sounds, but trust me I've been making it for years and there's nothing to worry about! It's Voryn's favorite dish and after the news recently well... I felt it would help cheer him up. Plus it's always been well-received by what few guests we've had." She takes another taste test. "Ah yes, just about ready..."
    > "Worry? What's a Tha'nit?"

    (#14)The ladle doesn't go back to stirring the pot as Tarah stares at you in confusion. "What's a Tha'nit? Why, everyone knows what a..." she breaks off as realization dawns and plops the ladle back in the pot as she chuckles to herself. "My my, but you must have traveled a long ways indeed." She grabs the pot's wooden handle and lifts, sinewy muscles appearing along her arms. She carries the pot over and sets it on the table, then continues to prepare the place settings. "It's a reptile, about an arms-length long, brown, with a poisonous barb-tipped tail. It's the poison I was joking about. I figured out how to cook it out so you could eat the Tha'nit. They're tough to catch, they'll chase you for hours if they're provoked, but thankfully they're mostly just scared off by any loud noises." She pats the stool at the table. "Voryn should be back any moment now. Ready to eat?"
    > Sit at the table

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Sorry folks, but I suppose I should have realized that speeding things up would have brought me to this point faster than I would have liked. Due to the limitation of being stuck in a sidebar on the main page, I really can't prattle on too much without it becoming a bother to read. It doesn't help that I need to place as much detail in the turn description as possible - which makes the amount of text greater.

Fortunately this won't be a problem for much longer, but that time won't be until very early next month. In the meantime though since I can't say all I need to in the space available anymore, it's back to weekly regular polls.

I'm also out of the country for work starting next Wed and won't be back until the beginning of January so I probably would not be able to give the story the attention it deserves during that time.

The story shall continue next month here in the Lounge!

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Original post by metalmidget
Does that mean v5 is coming in the new year? :D :D :D :D :D

*whistles innocently*

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