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Spriter needed for simple small buildings

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I am working on a class isometric (all tiles are rhombuses twice as wide as long, also known as 2.5d) medieval rpg. I currently need any small building sprites (that cover 1 tile, 1by2 tiles, or 2by2 tiles.) I will list things that I need. The detail doesn't have to be great, or even that decent. After i get the first submission that i like, i will set that as the template to maybe have them all look relatively uniform.
Again, Im not asking for much detail at all.
The tiles are 36 height by 72 width. There will be a link to a real size tile below.
Sprites needed are:

Houses (a variety of styles and sizes maybe)

Shops (maybe with an icon for the type? Armor, weapons, potions, etc.)

Town Hall (a larger building, maybe with a lookout tower or a flag?)

Huts ( for those random hermits, also for monster villages)

On a side note, other sprites would be helpful too.
Monsters, character, and npcs(9 moving directions, and still positions (standard rpg sprites))
Weapons(equipped and inventory sprite)
Anything helpful you can think of

Credit will be given accordingly. If you would like a shout out in the credits, send me your shout out message. And im thinking there will also be a random fact section on the main menu that will display a random credit from the list of people credited.
Thank you for all your help if you have contributed!

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I know this isn't what you've asked for but maybe check
World Creator
Even if you don't want to use it to create your own buldings, members on the forum might be interested in contributing.
p.s. or check how Wesnoth do it

[Edited by - tonyg on December 15, 2010 5:29:42 PM]

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