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WSAG-SOL-V1 - A Blender Multiplayer Platform

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Hello everyone.
I hope I post this in the right Place. I'm New to gamedev.net but been a game developer for some years now.
MY Main goal for the last 3 Years was to make a solid Multi player Platform for Blender (www.blender.org)
This goal was reached and I was able to write a Chapter about it the Developer Handbook

But now its time to give all this work a Graphical Face.
Up to now its was a big bunch of lines that could only be appreciated from someone that knows his way around in Programming.
So Some time back a gathered some Artists and co programmers around me to start a Mini game.
A game that is cool to look at and shows the power of my network setup.

Now we are just about to release the final Version. We are working on the final touch-ups.
And here is where I need your help.

Please down load the Test .blend here:

Infos on what you need to run the Program and its User Manual can be found here:

Then Please Test it and give me some Feedback and CC. This will help me a lot to give this Game its final Polish and open the Door to Multiplayer Games Made with Bledner.

Thanx a lot in advance for every Feedback.

Here are some Teasers to give you a quick impression of the Game:


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WoW not one Replay.
I was told that here I would get the most professionall Feedback.
And thats what Im looking for because Feedbacks and CC is waht will help to iprove this Game

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Just about 1 Year ago we started the "Smilies go OnLine" Project.
A lot of people from http://www.gamblender.org (and a few from other forums) helped me to build a great game and give the 4 Years of WSAG (A Solid Multi Player Online Network) development a graphical face.
No finally I'm proud to present the Final Version 1.0 of this product.

It contains:
A Network setup (3 Clients and 1 Server)
Different Players to chose from (The are inspired by the Smilies emotions we use on this forum)
In game change of the Graphic Mode (Texture Face Materials, Blender Multitexture Materials and GLSL)
In game Keybord/Mouse control Configuration
In game Sound and FX adjustment
A Main game Menu that can be accessed wile playing.
A Point (Live) Counter.
Different Sound tracks extra made for this game.
Special effects (Smoke, Explosions)
Real time Shadow.
RTT (Render to Texture) used for the innovative Aiming system.

But what are Words if there is a Promotions Trailer to show:

You can download the game at http://www.oldjim.ch/WSAG

hope you enjoy it

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