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3 Physics Newb. Questions

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Hi everyone,

So I'm developing my 'general purpose' engine and I have just integrated some simple rigid body dynamics from PhysX into it. I've got to the stage where I need to support a file format with physics support, so clearly I should be considering COLLADA 1.4 as my choice interchange format. Additionally I'm seriously considering moving over to PAL but I'm reluctant to introduce *another* library unless there's real benefits, as my engine has good abstraction anyway (I could 'easily' integrate a different API without too much additional wiring). Either way here's my main questions:

1. What's the current status of PhysX's licence on XBox? It's all very confusing, and if there's any risk of a massive fee when we get to that stage that's another reason to go with PAL now (so I can switch to an open source library for that platform).
2. Does PAL support soft bodies? As I'm assuming PAL supports a 'lowest common denominator' subset of features (a potential negative for using PAL over just my own abstractions).
3. In terms of COLLADA support, PAL says it supports this format, but in what capacity? Does it convert the physics data over to the native libraries data structures seamlessly, or does it bring in the data in some interim format (like Assimp for example). This could seriously save me a lot of work.

I think those three sum things up pretty well, and thanks in advance for taking the time to read them.


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