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Mouse Troubles

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So I'm attempting to make a tile editor, which I've done before in other languages but I'm having troubles getting the mouse position...

I have 2 XNA sections on the screen. The map area and the tileset area. I can accurately get the mouse position of the tile area but not the map area. The position on the map area is always random and often negative.

I use the same method for both:

System.Drawing.Point pos = this.tileArea.PointToClient(System.Windows.Forms.Control.MousePosition);

//Doesn't Work
System.Drawing.Point pos = this.mapArea.PointToClient(System.Windows.Forms.Control.MousePosition);

Any clue what the problem is?

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No clue what the problem was but I worked around it by using XNA's method of getting the mouse position, then using this.PointToClient() to convert it, then subtracting the location of the panel containing the XNA render section. : /

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