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Java, Isometric & pathfinding, need advices

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Hi everyone !
I'm a french game developer based in Berlin (not professional), my experience is about tiny games and a multi-player web game in PHP/Flash that actually works good (5000 registered players, word in the french games newspaper. Unfortunately the game is text-based and only in french for now : http://blektre.info)

Then now I got a bigger project and it needs more programming.

It seems that Java would be a good thing, since I'm not a high level programmer, but good enough for this (I started the learning, and it's pretty OK) and it's not so far from C++. My game should not be a big memory eater since it's a 2D game, I think. Can you confirm ?

Then here are my needs :
- Isometric view. I would prefer a 2D isometric view, or 2.5D (?) than a real 3D with isometric camera angle, since I'm best in 2D graphic designing. So I looked for Java Isometric engines, and found some : Jisoman and Java Isometric Engine, but I have some doubts (the first one looked very oudated). If you have some advices / informations, please let me know :-)

- Pahtfinding for player and NPCs is a very important part of the game. I checked the A* algorithm that seems nice, and found some tutorials. But maybe I have to check compatibility with the engine, or there are some engine with already pathfinding in it. What can you tell me about it ?

Any help will be really appreciated (and sorry for my approximative english)

Have a nice day everyone !


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