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Time's always rewinding

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static DWORD dwLastTime = timeGetTime();
m_fElapsedTime = static_cast<float>((timeGetTime() - dwLastTime) * 0.01f);
dwLastTime = timeGetTime();

I am not clear why m_fElapsedTime always resets to a smaller value during the course of the simulation. Sometimes it gets to a few hundreds and comes back down to a few tens. This function is called when there is an OnIdle message.
m_fElapsedTime is of type "float". Is it a normal expected behaviour in any game?
I am not sure about this, just an assumption:
If the time flip-flops between many values, will or will not the animation jumble and become out-of-control?
Any thoughts?

[Edited by - lucky6969b on December 23, 2010 4:27:08 AM]

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You shouldn't be using OnIdle to control animations. OnIdle gets called when there are no messages in the queue and can be expected to vary greatly. Your elapsed time variable is one-hundredth of the number of milliseconds since the last time OnIdle was called, which probably has nothing to do with your animations.

You should be using timeGetTime or QueryPerformanceCounter in your run loop, not OnIdle.

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